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System 63 Roulette System

This roulette system is called "System 63" because we have a 63% chance

of winning each spin on a double-zero wheel. The system works even better

on a single-zero wheel.  Total units required will be 80 units for our session

bankroll. Lifetime bankroll we be 5 sessions, or 400 units. We will betting on

a two-dozen section or a two-column section on the layout. Our odds of

winning each spin are 24/38 = 63%, hence the name System 63. We will use a

progressive betting scheme as follows: 1-1, 3-3, 9-9, 27-27. What we do is bet

1 unit on one dozen (or column) & 1 unit on another dozen (or column). If a

number hits on one of our chosen dozens or columns we win 1 unit profit.

Example, Letís say we bet on the first two dozens & number 12 comes up.

We win 2 units for the first dozen, but lose 1 unit on the second dozen. Our

profit is 2-1 = 1 unit. If we lose that spin, then on the next spin we bet 3 units

on one dozen (column) & 3 units on another dozen (column). If that spin

loses we progress to 9 units & 9 units. If we lose again we progress to 27 & 27

units. The only way we lose our session bankroll of 80 units is if we lose four

spins in a row.

This is rare. The odds of this occurring are (14/38)^4=1.84%. We also have

five session bankrolls.

Therefore the odds of us losing our lifetime bankroll will be very small

indeed while we are winning 63% of the spins. This method can be used in

terrestial as well as on-line casinos. My advice would be to play to win $50-

$100 each day then quit. If you lose a session bankroll, quit for the day &

play again another time. Another word of advice as to a good on-line casino


As of this writing, they allow betting units as small as 5 cents. You can start small & build

your way up. Good luck!

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