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Gambling: Selling roulette and craps betting systems using leads from MLM mailing lists.


MLM Mailing Lists  

Gambling: Selling roulette and craps betting systems using leads from MLM mailing lists


Sample letter to your customers:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you very much for your order for the entire MLM mailing lists MACHINE set of reports. You will find the set enclosed, and I trust you will be pleased with them. Since you have purchased the entire set of reports, you now have the authority to publish these reports yourself and use any or all of the camera ready copy for your promotion. Further, when you resell this package to your customers, they in turn will receive complete publication rights as well.
MLM Mailing Lists

Although it is not required, I strongly suggest that you immediately become officially registered directly with Videx, since Videx is committed to keep all registered dealers up-to-date with any improvements and revisions that are made for this program. Refer to page four (4) of the "MLM mailing lists MACHINE MARKETING GUIDE." Unless you become registered, Videx has no way to know that you are one of their dealers. Also, once you have become registered, type your registration number in on page four of the "MLM MAILING LISTS MACHINE MARKETING GUIDE" before you copy the reports. That way, Videx can properly track and monitor this system.

If you are interested in promoting other mailorder reports and dealerships, refer to reports #11 and #12 and send off for literature on those programs from the person listed in your reports. Also, if you want to promote MLM programs, refer to report #10 and request literature from the person listed. You may also wish to send your letters to potential clients using one of the several MLM mailing lists available. One of those sites is located on the internet at MLM Mailing Lists.

As you will see after studying the MLM MACHINE package, this program can be the start of a complete home operated mailorder business that you can grow at your own rate. More importantly, if you choose to promote the MLM program, you can build a life time income with built-in security! Mailing lists can be found on the internet.

Thank you very much again, and if you have any questions or I can be of any further assistance, please write to me anytime! To your success!

Best regards,

Your name here.

P.S. When you get an order from your customer for the MLM mailing lists MACHINE, you may copy or retype this letter on your letter head and send it out with your order.  The best high pressure shower head performance.

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